Largest Chicken Egg in the world

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** Zhang Yinde, an employee of the Forestry Bureau of Suiling County, owns an ordinary hen which laid a 6.3 centimeters wide and 9.2 cm long egg, and weighed 201 grams, three times heavier than an ordinary egg-setting the world record for the Largest Chicken Egg.

** The Largest Chicken Egg it's been kept in the refrigerator of the owner.

Zhang told Xinhua that the Largest Chicken Egg looks like any other, except that its shell is a bit rough.

"The heroine hen is a super mother. She laid three other big eggs previously and once laid four eggs within one day," Zhang said.

Zhang got the hen as a "bonus" when he bought 10 other chickens from a breeder.

The other chickens have since ended up on Zhang's dinner table.

** The hen has an unusual source of food. "She loves to walk around my dog's kennel. I guess she's been stealing the dog's food," Zhang said.

** The previous world record for the Largest Chicken Egg was set by a Cuban hen named "Titi".
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